git revert

git 쓰다가 실수로 생각도 못한 여러 파일 내용을 바꾸어 버렸다. 왜 그랬는지 나도 모름...
질문을 했더니 아래와 같은 답변이...

You have write access to the webwml repo thus you can rollback this commit by yourself. Here's the instruction:

Grab the commit hashsum of this problematic commit:
You see the URL for this page is https://salsa.debian.org/webmaster-team/webwml/commit/99381f45bfa5484af8ad4393d363eb45efcf75f7 ; as a result, the commit hashsum is 99381f45bfa5484af8ad4393d363eb45efcf75f7.
With an up-to-date local repo, run the following command in your local webwml repository:
git revert
Please replace the with the hashsum as we found in Step 1.
Push the new commit onto Salsa.

This time I'm doing it for you; please consider fixing the issue by yourself next time.

이번엔 내가 해 줄테니 다음에 이런 일 생기면 너가 하세요 라는 ...

git revert

잊지 말자.

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